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Introduction to The Rajampet


Yes, I am from Rajampet. As a native of Rajampet I want to share the importance and uniquness of Rajampet Town in this limitless universe. 

Rajampet is a small town..sorry it's once upon a time, now it's became liitle bit  bigger. We can say bigger than town and smaller than a city. I think 4 years back it has become Municipality from Gram Panchayat. Located in Kadapa District of Southern part of Andhra Pradesh.  52Km away from Kadapa.

Rajampet Constituency Map
The Map of Rajampet
I can say proudly that I am from Rajampet, because it's a place of birth of Annamayya, a Great Devotee of Lord Balaji. Annamayya born at Tallapaka, a small village of Rajampet. It is located at on the highway towards Tirupati / Chennai. He has written more than 32,000 songs on Lord Venkateshwara.

Our Rajampet is famous for the people, migrated to Kuwait. Thousands of people, may be it will be in lakhs, working in Kuwait city as car drivers, gold-smiths, cooks, accountants, software engineers, and some people they are doing their business and settled away from their homes. People call Rajampet as Small Kuwait. Thousands of people travelling between Kuwait and Rajampet everyday. Earlier many people from different parts of Andhra Pradesh used to come to Rajampet to buy Electronic goods like VCPs, VCRs, Tape Recorders. Because it was not that much easy to get such international branded products even in India by that time. People earning good money and getting better life by working in Kuwait.

And now Rajampet is having many Software Engineers who are working at almost all parts of the world. Ofcourse me too working in Netherlands. Because it's having 4 Engineering colleges and 3 PG colleges and many schools.

SBI, Rajampet
I think this one post is not enough to write the importance of our great Rajampet. I will be keep posting info and importance of Rajampet. So readers requesting you to keep reading my blog and if you find any mistake in the info, write your comment below the post, so that I can correct it.

Keep follow my blog..sorry it's Our Blog : http://TheRajampet.blogspot.com

Rajampet Old Bus Stand
Some more Info:

Rajampet or Rajampeta is a town located in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh State in India. It was recently upgraded to a municipality. Rajampet is an average-size town with a population.

Rajampet is well known for its relation with the Gulf country Kuwait. A lot of people from Rajampet area are working in Kuwait and earning money for their own people back in India.

Rajampet is one of the Hot Hub Places in Kadapa District. It is owing a lot of history back to it. The major things are: 1. Member Of Parliament 2. Member of Legislative Assembly 3. Sub Collector Office 4. Tallapaka Annamacharya Temple 5. Famous Arya Vysa Temple.

Famous temples

  • Hatyarala known as Attirala with a rare Pagoda of Parasurama Temple, Lord Shiva and Vishnu in the shape of Gadadhara on a hillock and the lake that never dries up located on the banks of the river Bahuda or Cheyyar. A Story in vogue tells that Parasuram had taken bath in this lake to get rid of sin, vishu 3rd padam.

  • Kanyaka Parameswari Chariot shaped Temple. Dusserah is the festival which is celebrated with lot of poise and pomp. The Vijayadasami is the day when the diety is taken out on procession and the event is celebrated with burning of large variety of crackers.

  • Bhuvana giri Narasimha Swamy' Temple, which is constructed 100 years ago again on a hillock.

  • Marammatalli temple is located in the mid-town road junction and another which is located in Naiduvari palli was constructed almost 70 years ago. This temple built with in one day.

  • Tallapaka, the place of birth of Saint Poet Annamacharya is located. There is a Sudarsana Chakra or the Chakrattalwar temple, the temple of Chennakesava and Sidheswara are also located there. The famous poet Annamacharya, who wrote 32,000 Kirtans (Praising Lord Venkateswara), was born in Tallapaka, a village just 4 km from rajampeta. A 108 ft. tall Annamayya Statue has been installed facing the Main Road.

  • A rare Panchamukheswara swamy Temple at Madana Gopala Puram (Esukapalle) is a piece of an art that is preserved which shows the five faces of Lord Shiva viz., Sadyojatham, Vamadevam, Tatpurusham, Aghoram and Easanam.

  • There is a temple of the Moon (Soumyanatha) located in a sprawling compound of 14 acres in Nandalur 10 KM from Rajampet which is worth seeing. Just one KM away from the above temple Budhist Caves are situated and are locally known as "Sudda Gavi Boudha Aramam"

  • Vontimitta another important temple town 27 KM from Rajampet believed to be the place of birth of poet Bammera Pothana the scribe of Bhagavatham and also of Rama Raja Bhushanudu one of the eight renowned poets of Sri Krishna Deva Raya's Bhuvana Vijaayam (Ashta Diggajas) is adored with rich sculpture.

  • Chitvel is another historical place located 27 KM on the Rajampet-Nellore Route, where the temple of Varada Raja Swamy is located and the Temple of Lord Venkateswara in Kamba Samudram Agraharam 2 KM away from Chitvel.

  • Annamayya Irrigation Project is the Project located in Akepadu area 18 KM from Rajampet is a Foreshore Project with 2 Tmc. storage capacity.  

  • Panoramic picturusque is the speciality of this spot.

  • Yellampet Boating facility upto Somasila in Nellore District.
Matts and Ashrams 

  • Sankar Mutt: There is a Mutt of Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Adi Sankaracharya in the Mid town of Rajamept. Annual Sankar Jayanti is celebrated here where the Mutt performs free Upanayanams for the Brahmin Boys, who in the evening take out a procession of The Guru Sankaracharya in the main streets of the town. More activities are forseen in future here.

  • Anubhava Mantapam: Shivate Guru Basaveswara propogated Veera Saivam which preaches the theme "work is worship" cutting accross the bariers of caste and community. There is a Mutt for this Basaveswara in the Gaddi Street, Rajampet.

  • Chinmayaranyam: 20 KM away from Rajampet, there is an Ashram run by the Chinmaya Mission. This Ashram teaches and preaches the Advaita Vedanta Philosopy of Jagadguru Sankara Acharya. All busses bound to Tirupati will go upto Korla Kunta from where autorickshaws and other vehicular conveyance is available to the Ashram.


  • In 1998 it got an engineering college by name "Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences", Rajampet. Rajampeta is one of the major town in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh.

  • In 2009 Rajampet town got second engineering college by name "Narayanadri Engineering College" situated on Vathalur Road.

  • There is an exclusive third engineering college "Modugula Kalavathamma College of Engineering for women" also in Rajampet.

  • There is a Government Polytechnic College and Government ITI College apart from a Government Degree College.

  • There is a College of Horticulture in Anantarajupet attached to the Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad.

  • Notable Private Colleges are Vaishnavi Degree College, Kakatiya Junior College, Infant Jesus English Medium High School, Nalanda Junior College, Narayana e-techno School and Sri Chaitanya e-techno School.

Lodging and Boarding

Rajampet gives warm welcome for pilgrims. They have all the facility like Boarding and Lodging:
  • Hotel Maruthiprasanna on the Main Road
  • Tirumala Lodge and Vijaya Durga Rest House in Old Bustand
  • Deep Lodge on the Railway Station Road are notable and there are Hospitals both Government and private. One can find the notorious Lunch Home 'Annapurna Hotel' which offers south Indian dishes-pure vegetarian and Hotel Menaka a Veg & Non-Veg. south and north cousine with high class taste. Punjabi Dhabas (run by Punjabis) are avaliable all along the Main Road.


Rajampet and its suburbs are known for Industries like Narayanadri Steels, Venkatarajampet, and Thippayapalle, Manisreni Ferro Alloys, Anantharajupet. Pullampet, Puttanavaripalle, Boyanapalle, Madhavaram and Kondamachupalle are the villages around Rajampet where the activity of weaving is the main source of living and the hand loom sarees that are made here are marketed with the brand name "Venkatagiri Sarees"

Mines and geology

Rajampet is famous for its china clay, which is consigned to various ceramic factrories like Johnson and Johnson, Parry India Limited, Regency Ceramics etc., Barytes of Mangampet are known for its quality. Iron Ore deposits are being surveyed in Annasamudram, Mantapampalle etc., The Union Minister of State for Steel is putting his efforts to start mining activity as well as an Industry form the Ministry in this Rajampet Parliamentary Constituency.


Rajampeta is located at 14°11′00″N 79°10′00″E / 14.1833°N 79.1666°E / 14.1833; 79.1666. It has an average elevation of 456 meters.
Rajampet is one among the two revenue Divisions in Cuddapah.
Rajampet is one of the biggest towns in Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh, India.citation needed
This is an MP constituency as well as MLA constituency. A. Saipratap is representing as MP from Indian National Congress and (A. Amarnath Reddy) is representing as MLA from Indian National Congress. It has a 600-year background. Mannur, Talapaka and Pottapi villages are old and pilgrim places.
Within the radius of 15 km, so many historical places exists. Some of them were built in the 13th century. Around 10% people usually go to Kuwait to earn money. Annamacharaya Educational Academy is located 5 km from the main town.


  • Rajampet hosted mega event 31st Junior National Volley Ball Championship on Feb 8th 2005. Mr Pola Srinivas Reddy being the President of Rajampet Volley Ball Association was the Organizing Secretary Of the event said that" rajampet is the only place in Rayalseema that hosted such mega event ". The Speaker of A.P. Legislative Assembly, K.R. Suresh Reddy, inaugurated the championship.

Major crops

  • The major crops around Rajampet are Lemon, Banana and Mangoes. The surrounding places like Chakrampet, Rajupalem, Kakarlavari palle, Besthapalli, Penagalur, Velagachrla, Nallapureddy Palli are the main hubs for Lemon. Places like Kondur, Naiduvari palli, Rly Kodur, Chakrampet are the main hubs for Mangoes.

Panchayat at a glance

  • First Sarpanch was Ambati Ramaswamy, Second Sarpanch was Yerra Chengal Reddy and Last sarpanch was Pola Sirisha Latha.

  • Pola Venkat Reddy served as Samiti President, twice as Sarpanch and finally as Vice-Sarpanch.

  • He upon the request of YSR changed the Panchayat to municipality. As it municipality was reserved to BC women his son Pola Srinvas Reddy became First Municipal Vice-Chairman of Rajampet. As such the Panchayta was under POLA Family Rule for more than two decades From Yerra Chengal Reddy to Pola srinivasul Reddy Present. There were in Power for a long time only Because of Honesty. As such many developments under their terms include Water Pipe line from Hatyarala, etc.

  • Akepati Chengal Reddy served twice as MLC, once Sarpanch and was also TTD Chairman. Under his term development of Talapaka first started. During his term Famous actor Somayajulu came to Talapaka and attended Anamaya jayanthi Function. His son Dr. Prasada Reddy, Professor from Lund University, Sweden wrote book " The Globalization of Corporate R & D: Implications for Innovation Capability in Developing Host Countries (Routledge Studies in International Business and World Economy".

  • Mr Prasad Reddy, Delivering a Foundation Day lecture on “Economics of innovation management in biotechnology” at Sir C.V. Raman Science Centre in Yogi Vemana University, Prof. Prasad Reddy said major nations like Brazil, Russia, India and China were simultaneously progressing rapidly unlike in the past. India's Gross Domestic Product could reach 50 per cent of the GDP of 16 rich nations by 2050, he hoped. http://www.hinduonnet.com/2010/03/10/stories/2010031051760200.htm

How to reach

  • Rajampeta is well connected through road, rail and airways.

  • From Hyderabad you can reach Rajampeta within 10 hrs.473 KM by Road, 551 KM by Rail.

  • The nearest airport is Renigunta, which is 80km away and the Chennai International Air Port is 210 km.
  • From Bangalore you can reach Rajampeta within 7-8 hrs via Tirupati/Chitoor 347 km.(This is through National Highways but a circuitous route)
  • From Bangalore you can reach Rajampeta within 5-6 hrs via Chintamani/Rayachoty/Madanapalli 257 km. This is the shortest route recently widened and re-laid worth travelling through small ghats of Seshachalam Forests.
  • From Chennai you can reach Rajampeta within 4-5 hrs via Tirupati/Renigunta. The shortest route is Chennai/Periyapalem/Uttukottai/Puttur/Renigunta/Rajampet 210 km, 4 to 5 hours.
  • It is also connected to Nellore in a shortest distance of 122 KM via Rapur and Podalakur. 3 hours bus journey
  • Gudur Railway Station is just 98 K.M. from Rajampet two and half hour drive.
It has a computerised railway station on the Chennai Mumbai railway line; tickets can be booked To/From anywhere in India.

Assembly constituency

Rajampet is an assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh.

Current Municipal councillors
        Name           Party
  • Saleemabee Syed CPI
  • Pabbisetty Subramanyam TDP
  • Sree Vani Mallela INC
  • Saraswathi Chennuru TDP
  • Jenugu Nagamma -- INC
  • Ramesh Chinnapothula -- TDP
  • Subbarayudu Mallela --INC
  • Ramachandraiah Achari Marripalli -- INC
  • Manubolu Venkateswarlu -- TDP
  • Venkata Subbamma Kundla -- INC
  • Chandrakala Dandu -- INC
  • Rajamma Reddimasi -- INC
  • Chandra Mouli Guggila -- TDP
  • Sunanda Billa -- INC
  • Srinivasula Reddy Pola -- INC
  • C. Sudhakar -- TDP
  • Gangaiah Matha -- INC
  • Mummadi Chinnaiah -- TDP
  • Subbarami Reddy Kataru -- INC
  • AjayKumar Reddy -- INC
  • S.S. Panth -- INC Co-opted Member
  • S. Jeelani -- INC Co-opted Member
  • S. Karimunnisa -- INC Co-opted Member

  • Red Wood Jungle Safari: at Thummalabailu forest.

  • The first echo-tourist centre in Cuddapah District in dense Thummalabailu forests of Seshachalam range forests.
  • 20 km from Rajampet in dense Red Sander Forest established by the Forest Department.

  • 30 km jungle safari in specially provided vehicles of the Forest Department.

  • Rare chance of watching the thick forest from elevated watch towers.

  • Boating and children park facilities.

  • Treetop houses and facility to observe wild life from vicinity.

  • Exhibition-cum-sale of red sander toys of Settigunta Lakshmigaripalle.

  • Further details can be had from Forest Range Office, Rajampet Phone Nos. +91-95025-10560 and +91-94408-10298
  • Thallapaka, Madna Gopala Puram, Gundlur, Nandalur, Vontimitta, Cheyyar Project, Hatyarala, Chitvel KS Agraharam, Nagaripadu, Gundala Kona are the places of tourist importance.

Some more Pics of Rajampet: (Pictures Source: http://www.rajampet.com)
Madras Road, Rajampet

Tallapaka Gate, Rajampet

Annamayya Temple, Tallapaka

Nandalur Bridge, Rajampet

Rajampet Govt. Degree College

Rajampet New Bus Stand

Rajampet Railway Station

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  1. after a gap of 25 years, last week visited Rajampet to attend a relative's marriage. It was a different experience all together. Just beofre daybreak alighted at the higway . the freshness of early morning air with a feel of chilness was unforgetable for a person who has lived most of his life in a densly populated & polluted metros. Time spent with dear ones was memorable.. kids enjoyed the simple and natural freshness of the sorroundings and still keep on talking about it. Looking forward for revisitng again.

  2. hi,this is aslam.i love rajampet.my childhood my teenage every thing had been went there in rajampet.the people and there mentality,i really miss my freinds who shares the cigrate in the rammaiah canteen in pola complex.i miss the rammaiah chilli chicken in the old busstand and i miss the sai aamma dosa in the bandrala st. and the sweets and mixtures of challapati too.dont think i eat more.after staying in the dubai for long time i remember all the memories of the rajampet.like missing the festivals clebrateing together like jatara,gundluru i really miss my hometown.rajampet is mother.Insha Allah i want to do some for that to get reconized.i hope all the rajampetians will help me out in this mission.

  3. Hi Reddy and Uday thanks for the info provided by you related to our home town.This is really cool dudes

  4. @Ali.. hi Ali...thanx for ur comments on our great hometown...really when we are away from town we Will feel the importance of our town. the memories that we spend the time with buddies around the stress..having fun in jataras and gundluru trips...especially siting girls in gundluru n attirala festivals..we can not forget those sweet memories..

    Please tell me if you want to see some memorable place in rajampet so that I can take a pic and publish it for you on this blog..so that you can see and remember some more memories...

  5. @Bharath ..thanks for comments...



  7. @reds hi reds yes i wanted some pics from nsr theater and infant school and please update it soon dear.i wanna see my home town.wht abt the bridge in r.s. road is it completed

  8. hi...ali...now I am in UK. I will be back in India in Feb. Surely I will post the pics that u asked. That bridge is not completed yet...

    1. hai this is khuddose from nandalur,rs road bridge have been completed before 7 months back

  9. I had lived in Rajampet. My father was a govt board school teacher in Rajampeta. My most memorable land marks in Rajampet were and are the beautiful Kanyaka Parameshwari temple , Very big Lord Shiva temple, Hanuman temple and ofcourse my Govt school . I used to live in Jowli bazaar in Rajampeta . Behind my house was Santa each week . We are a brahmin family . My family was very close to well known families of Rajampeta Vanka Dari Sathya Narayana family and Makam Srinivasulu family etc. Pls do visit above three temples and get Lord's blessings. I lived since last 40 yrs in San Francisco and I am going to Visit Rajampet in just a few days . Annmayya has really blessed this town. Nagaraja Rao , Nagarajarao@sbcglobal.net

  10. Hi, This is Suresh. I really love rajampet and Chitvel. Most of my schooling and college days I spent here. I also really love people who stays here. I love PY Theater. Especially Nandalore Bridge and Chakrala madugu. I studied in GOVT Degree College. Currently I am working as Gaming Artist in Hyderabad. This is my blog please have look the below website. my email id: surebabu2007@gmail.com

  11. this is great.........................

  12. its super
    fantastic job
    please update this

  13. there is no such thing in Rajampet as if u mentioned. i could not understand how could you represent it as more than a town....... what all u mentioned are around rajampet and in my view its a municipality wer u will not find fecilityes that even can get from panchayat.... iam sorry to say this

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  17. Hi..

    I am also from Rajampet..I born and brought up here only. My favourite place in Rajampet is R&B bunglow, where we used to play, plucking fruits like regi pandlu, elakkayalu, jamakayalu..and many...since my house just near by bunglow. I can't forget the times that we spent in R&B bunglow..we used to study under the big trees in summer season...Ofcourse I am away from hometown,but my final destiny is my hometown only. Love my hometown.

  18. May be writer of this article don't have notice of first samithi sarpanch ...He is Bheemu Subba Reddy from Pulapathur.. who was guru and well wisher of all MLA's who won still the period of Amaranth Reddy...U can find his photo in sarpanch office who looks like a lion...

  19. May be writer of this article don't have notice of first samithi sarpanch ...He is Bheemu Subba Reddy from Pulapathur.. who was guru and well wisher of all MLA's who won still the period of Amaranth Reddy...U can find his photo in sarpanch office who looks like a lion...